Studio019 is an eco-friendly Italian fashion consultancy company established in 2017 and managed by a brother and sister team, both born in Australia with Italian heritage. The Managing Director has developed over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry having worked in Australia, USA and Italy.

As a result studio019 is able to offer its vast experience and extensive network of contacts across Italy not only to established brands and designers – but also to a handpicked limited selection of young and developing international brands.

Whilst most of our production is proudly Made in Italy, we also offer our services and network of selected factories to those clients who are interested in producing in other areas of the European Union.

Our Studio houses a small but efficient atelier where our esteemed Italian tailors work closely with us to develop and produce samples that require special attention.

The Studio has an open space environment to accommodate designers and their teams during fittings and is equipped with a photographic area and access to our fully stocked kitchen, creating a cheerful interactive environment for staff and guests alike.

At each stage of our interaction with clients, we always keep in mind both the environment and human safety – by always offering solutions whether it’s choosing a material or packaging for their products, we feel that all roads must support these goals.

At Studio019, we follow the simple principle of maintaining our promises, building sound relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability.

Quality Control - Our quality controller visits all factories on a regular basis during the phases of production
Production Team - Our production team work with selected factories to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product
Sourcing Team - Traditional and innovative textiles and accessories
Pattern development from outerwear to dresses, shirts and pants